Sally Meekins Ceramics


 Tel: 07588425389

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A selection of 1/12th & 1/24th scale  

dollshouse miniatures.........

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Farmhouse dresser with hand made china please find all pieces available to order.

Wizard of Oz - themed teapots, teasets & dressers made in 1/12th scale for your dollshouse.......


* Dorothy with Toto teapot      £42

* Wicked Witch teapot            £42

* Tinman teapot                      £35

* Lion teapot                           £38

* Scarecrow teapot                 £38

* Wizard of Oz Teaset            £85                      

* Yellow brick road dresser     £75

Art Deco round cabinet, in walnut 1/12th dollshouse scale  £90

Art Deco dinner service in 1/12th scale, handpainted  £145

Welcome to my online shop of hand made ceramics

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Explore my range of full size pieces which include cabbage ware, vases & jewellery , novelty earrings, teapots & personalised items.  


see below a selection of my work.....

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NEW  Art Deco sideboard

1/12th dollshouse scale £110